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Apple is a worldwide electronics products manufacturing company and it does not require any more introduction because Today almost everyone knows about it. The company has successfully launched different electronic and consumer products like iPhones, Tablets, Ipads, iPods, MacBooks and MAC PC’s along with big servers for corporations. In this blog post we will put a light on all products of Apple Inc and this will help beginners learn about the basic things about Apple Company. Those who do not know what else Apple is manufacturing other than iPhones, this article is of great worth.

The one & only iPhone line:

Believe it or not, iPhone is one of the best cellular product available in the market. We can bet that no one would deny getting a free iPhone, no matter what model it is. iPhone is something like a standard. Every celebrity of the world, owns an iPhone. Till date, Apple has launched 8 generations of their iPhone line. They started with iPhone 2 in 2007 and kept on going by introducing iPhone 3, 3g and then 4 and 4s. The game never stopped until they introduced amazing iPhone 5, 5s and 5c in the market. Every time a new iPhone comes in market, it is loaded with a huge range of features and improvements and up-gradations. Recently Apple has launched its latest range of iPhones which includes iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Both iPhones have made ground breaking entry in the market with millions of copies sold in just one month.


iPad is another innovation introduced by Apple Inc. With its finest line of iPads, Apple has no other competitor in the industry. Even big companies like Samsung and HTC have not yet introduced such luxurious products in the market. There are many variants of iPad launched by Apple in recent years which include ipad mini, iPad 2, ipad 3, Ipad air, iPad air 2 and now last week they have introduced a new line of iPads which includes iPad 3, iPad 3 mini, iPad air & iPad air 2. Each and every single iPad is loaded with a faster and powerful chip and they deliver maximum luxury and style to those who want to have a PDA in their hand while they run through their daily life business. Apple iPads are favorite gadgets of those who love to watch movies, play games and read books in soft copies.


Just like everything else, Apple has changed the way people used to listen to music. By introducing walk by iPods in the market with extreme internal memory, Apple has set music to new parameters. Today we can see young studs enjoying music on their iPods while they hang out with their friends. Apple has successfully introduced ipods ranges like ipod classic, iPod Nano and lots of other iPod devices.


After ground breaking success in cellular market, Apple stepped back in manufacturing of laptops and named them as Macbooks. These MacBooks are world’s no. 1 laptops which are used by people with class and standard. The material used in manufacturing of these MacBooks is way too precious. Apple has successfully introduced its line of MacBook pro, MacBook and other laptops.


This is something Apple Company started working with in 1976. PC making is their original and foundation project which is still going on. Every year Apple sells thousands of its MAC pc products and each of its products is full of passion, speed, performance and power. MAC PC’s are favorite machines of big organizations, heavy developers and programmers and everyone else. Apple has its own operating system known as Macintosh which is now replaced with Yosemite version. Moreover, Apple has also introduced MAC OS X for its PC users so that they can enjoy more features on their PC.


While Apple is the only best company in the world with most luxurious gadgets lines in its store house, it has just added another master piece to its collection. The latest iWatch is introduced by Apple in last month which has some amazing features of iPhones and ipods. Your iWatch will have everything to keep you going without taking your iPhone in your pocket or iPad in your hand. This special iWatch will have everything available at its small but compatible screen making it easy for you to take notice of all your online and offline activities by just looking at your wrist.


iTunes is the official Apple’s sync manager which enables Apple products users to synch between their personal computers and iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. iTunes basically allows users to share data between their personal computer and iPhone or iPad. You can transfer movies, photos, music and videos by using this amazing software. You can also create backup of your iOS device in your computer with the help of this amazing sync manager offered by Apple INC.

To conclude, we must say that Apple is one of the best available electronics products and gadgets manufacturing companies in the world. The luxury and standard offered by Apple products is unmatchable and unbeatable.

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