Unlock iPhone Orange UK

Duration: 3–6 Working Days

  • Use any network in the world!
  • Don’t be stuck to one contract for years
  • No more network restrictions
  • Life Time Updates
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Type your IMEI number above to validate it.

Unlock iPhone 7 Plus, 7 ,6 plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, and 4 locked to Orange (UK)

Moving to another country? Or Need to change your iPhone’s SIM card? Because of the restrictions imposed by your service provider? Want to switch to any other network?

We’ve the answers to all such question of yours. We at unlockiphone.co.uk delivers the unlock for your iPhone, which is locked to Orange in The UK, on affordable prices.

All you need to do is, register yourself with us and follow the instructions:

  • Look up your iPhone’s IMEI number, by dialling *#06# from your iPhone and you IMEI number will be displayed on your screen.
  • Put in the IMEI number on our website after selecting “Unlock your iPhone Orange UK Carrier.”
  • Next steps include feeding in your contact information, which will include your full name, postal and email address and the payment details.
  • Once the payment has been made successfully and after we have received it. We’ll send you a confirmation email that will say, “Unlock has been successfully done.”

Benefits of unlocking your Orange iPhone

  1. We offer this unlock at a very affordable price.
  2. We use the IMEI numbers of your iPhone to unlock. Which is safe, 100% legal and legitimate, as Apple servers approve it.
  3. The procedure involves, whitelisting your device IMEI number from the Apple servers so that you can use SIM card of other service providers.
  4. We guarantee the permanency of the unlock. In any case if it reverts to the normal condition we have a lifetime warranty cover for that.
  5. We also have a money back policy also, according to which if unlockiphone.co.uk fails to deliver your unlock or if somethings go wrong after the payment has been made, we’ll refund the unlock fee back.
  6. After unlocking you can use SIM card of any service provider even in roaming.
  7. No restrictions are imposed on you after the successful application of this unlock. iMessage, Mobile Hotspot and Facetime works well.
  8. No technical knowledge is needed for the application of this unlock, you’ve just to plug your iPhone with the PC using iTunes after you get the confirmation email from us. The unlock will be applied over the air, automatically.
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