Free UK iPhone Unlocking Guide – Unlock iPhone O2, Vodafone, Three Mobile, AT&T, Verizon & others

UK hosts a wider audience of iPhone users and that is why every year thousands of queries are processed by Google for official iPhone unlocking UK. Today we are going to provide a free guide for all iPhone users in UK so that they can get their iPhone 5, 5s, 4,4s,6, 6+ unlocked permanently without any type of software unlocking or jailbreaking. This free guide will tell you how you can get your iPhone officially unlocked from Apple company in UK and enjoy a free iPhone for rest of its life.

Why iPhone UK unlocking?

There are many reasons which dictate why one must opt for getting official iPhone unlocking services in UK. The first reason is that most of the carriers in UK with contract iPhones are charging huge amounts in terms of monthly installment. This sounds quite annoying to many iPhone users and they always keep on finding reliable sources to get their iPhone unlocked. Luckily, Official iPhone Unlock has appeared like a true healer for such people. This company holds complete solution for unlocking any iPhone device locked to any UK network.

Another reason can be that some of your friend might just gift you his or her old iPhone 5 and switched to brand new iPhone 6. Now you don’t want to keep going with existing contract and change network because you know one that offers low tariff rates. If this is your case then there is no need to worry because unlockiphone is always available for quick and instant iPhone UK unlocks.

In this blog post we are also going to train new comers so that they may know how they can get their brand new iPhone 6 officially unlocked by following a few simple steps. Whenever you buy an iPhone from some carrier provider in UK like O2, three mobile or Verizon, your iPhone will be locked to that particular network. This means you won’t be able to change SIM card and use any other network on that particular device until and unless you get it unlocked for some official iPhone unlocking service UK.

At unlockiphone you can get high quality permanent iPhone unlocking service that will allow you to use any network’s SIM card on your device without any tension of monthly bills. The process of getting iPhone unlocked is very simple and we are going to discuss it below.

Why Only

Although most of UK cellular companies like Three Mobile and T&T offering locked iPhones are also offering unlocking services but most of the customers have reported that unlocks from original companies are taking longer than expected. Most of the unlocks processed by these companies take more than 30 days which is seriously a problem for a regular iPhone user. This is where unlockiphone hits the market by providing instant iPhone unlocking services where your iPhone is unlocked within 24-48 hours. This service is unique and distinguished from other service providers because of its authentic results and high quality services. Most of the companies are offering official iPhone unlocking UK service at high rates but this service offers quite low rates and quick unlocks.

Planning to leave for holidays at some amazing beach resort abroad? Well there is no need to worry for a new iPhone because you can take your existing iPhone along with you. Yes, you must be thinking now that this suggestion is going to cost you lots of data roaming charges but this is not the case. We have the right solution for all your international iPhone using needs. It is pretty obvious that you are going to pay data roaming charges if you are using Orange mobile in UK and now leaving for Australia. But there is a way by which you can easily cut off these data roaming charges by switching to any other network of your choice in just few dollars. Yes, official iPhone unlock UK Orange will help you in getting your device free from any network contract and which in turn will result in saving hundreds of Euro’s every month.

Planning to sell iPhone UK locked? Get it unlocked first!

It’s been a long time that you are using an iPhone 5 UK network locked and now you are planning to switch to a new iPhone 6. In such a case you are going to sale your existing device and add up money to get a new device but do you think you will be able to get a huge resale value in the market for your UK locked iPhone? Of course not! Before entering into market to get some good resale value, you must get your iPhone 5 unlocked from some trusted company. One good reason to get your iPhone O2 UK unlock service is that we all know locked iPhones don’t have any resale value. So if you are going to spend a few dollars on getting your device unlocked, we are sure that you will get at least 70-100 Euro increase in resale value which is simply awesome. Isn’t it?

Is iPhone unlocking in UK is legal?

Most of you must be thinking that we are tempting you to do some criminal stuff but this is not the case. iPhone unlocking UK is a legal practice approved by local government and there is nothing offensive or outlaw thing in getting your iPhone unlocked. However, there is difference between iPhone unlocking services. In this article we are only encouraging you to get unlockiphones service which is completely legit and approved. Although there are other illegal and spam methods available online to get your iPhone Uk unlocked but we are not going to discuss that stuff in our articles.

iPhone unlocking in UK is completely covered by legal practices and most of the iPhone locked devices providers are offering iPhone unlocking service to the customers. If you are just bought a new device with a contract and after 30 days of use you are planning to switch network then you can ask your company to unlock it for you. Of course it is none of their concern what you do with the device once you have owned it. Most of the companies unlock iPhone’s for free and some charge a little fee for this service. But they do take a lot of time to unlock your device (sometimes 25-30 days).

Now lets talk about other services available in the town to unlock your brand new iPhone 6 UK network locked. These services are often known as free iPhone unlocking services (they do charge something) and use spam ways to unlock your device. Most common method of unlocking new iPhones is jailbreaking which involves tricking with the device’s software and hardware. I would advise you to avoid this type of practices because your brand new iPhone is not worth attempting such things. You can always get your iPhone unlocked officially by visiting so why would you ever try anything else?

Which iPhone models can be unlocked in UK?

The unlockiphone is a house of UK official iPhone unlocks. No matter what model of iPhone you own, just enter IMEI number of the device and get it officially unlocked for forever. This service includes all iPhone models such as iPhone 6, the latest iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Furthermore if you are using some of the old iPhone models like iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s then you can also get them unlocked permanently. The unlocking sanction or method is same for all iPhone models and all you have to do is to inform the company about UK carrier on which your iPhone is locked and it’s IMEI number.

Where should I bring my device in UK for unlocking?

This question is pretty old as now there are remote services which enable customers to unlock their device by sitting at their home. The official UK iPhone factory Unlock service is fully remote and you can get your unlocks processed by sitting at home and watching TV or doing whatever you want to. Although companies like O2, Orange, T Mobile and others in UK demand customers to show up at their nearest service centers to get their devices unlocked but I think no one has that much time to roam around the city and wait in ques. unlockiphone is a unique iPhone unlocking service that enables its customers to get official iPhone unlocking service by sitting at home. No need to wait in long queues because the real service is waiting right at your home. Just enter your iPhone’s IMEI number and get your device unlocked for forever.

How to unlock iPhone O2 UK?

O2 UK offers great packages for its contract holders. O2 normally offers two type of iPhone contracts such as Pay as you Go contract and Pay Monthly. In both cases if you want to get your iPhone unlocked then you should contact O2 customer support in this regard.  If you have just bought a new iPhone and working as Pay Monthly customer with O2 then you can ask them to unlock your device instantly. However, still there are terms and conditions which you should meet once your unlock is processed to make sure that both company and you are having great time together. But if you want no further connection with the company and just want to switch network then you can visit unlockiphone as they are probably offering quick and instant unlocks for O2 UK.

If you are having an iPhone O2 UK locked and planning to get it unlocked but with a Pay as you Go contract then you must wait for 12 months before filing an unlock case. Yes, O2 does not offer quick iPhone unlocking service to customers with Pay as you Go contract and such customers have to wait for a minimum period of 12 months before they could actually get their iPhone officially unlocked from the company. But this never means that there is no other way to get your iPhone unlocked now. If you don’t want to wait then you may visit unlockiphone as they are expert in unlocking O2 UK locked iPhones.

How to unlock Vodafone UK iPhone?

If you are a Vodafone customer and currently having their contract of Pay as you Go or Pay monthly then you can ask them to unlock your iPhone. Vodafone normally charges £19.99 per unlock for Pay Monthly and Pay as You Go contracts which means unlocking is not that costly with Vodafone as current network. iPhone unlocking by Vodafone UK must be processed within 72 hours and it must not take more than one week. You can always forward your request for Vodafone unlock online or if you don’t want to speak with Vodafone consumer service then visit Unlock iPhone and file your request within 10 minutes.

For now we are going to give a little pause to our Official iPhone UK network unlocking guide as there are too many networks to talk about and blog post is getting way too long. We will update you in another blog post where we are going to cover official method of getting your iPhone Three Mobile, T&T, Verizon & EE UK unlock. Stay tuned because we have lots of new tips and tricks by which you can get your iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5, 5s and any other model unlocked permanently!

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