Free UK iPhone Unlocking guide-2- All UK networks covered (O2, AT&T, Three Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, EE and others)

In our Free UK iPhone Unlocking guide 1 we talked about how iPhone unlocking UK works with different networks and what are the possible ways by which you can get your device unlocked permanently without paying any penny to any company. However, there were cases where you had no choice other than using our official iPhone unlocking services because our company is known for its quick and instant iPhone unlocking service for all UK locked models. In this blog post we are going to cover all existing networks of UK upon which iPhones are locked and we will let you know how you can get rid of restrictions set by your operator with great ease?

This article will mainly cover different carriers and we will also talk about different methods which can be applied to each network to get iPhone unlocking service. Most of the contract providing networks also offer iPhone factory unlock services for their customers so we will also cover those network’s offers and we will explain how you can get benefit of certain offers from your current cellular network provider. Furthermore we are going to talk about different restrictions that are still applied to different models of iPhone.

What models of UK iPhone can be unlocked?

Before beginning with the immense detail of iPhone unlocking, I must make one thing clear that all cellular network provider companies are offering official iPhone unlocking service for iPhone models like iPhone 5s, 5, 5c, 4 and other older versions. You must be surprised that there is nothing for iPhone 6 owners in the package but this is not the case. There is always another face of the story and that is where comes to help. Yes, if your cellular provider is not offering your iPhone 6 plus unlocking services then you can contact with us as everyone know that this company is unlocking all models of iPhone.

No more contract based iPhone 6 unlocking services:

Yes, we are repeating this point to make it clear to you guys that you will no longer be given a previledge to get your brand new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus unlocked from your carrier because none of the UK carrier is offering official iPhone unlocking services for latest models. This is because almost every other UK based network have set a minimum time period for each device which means you cannot get your iPhone 6 unlocked in at least first 12 months of its purchase. Later on most of the companies will offer free iPhone 6 unlocking services to their loyal customers. So if you are okay with a 12 month wait then its something very normal but if you are tired of your current cellular network in just one month then better to use our services as we offer you best packages on iPhone 6 factory unlock services.

How to Unlock iPhone from EE mobile UK?

Over the past few years, EE has proved to be most strict network when it comes to iPhone unlocking. Most of the EE respondents simply say no to any application or request of iPhone unlocking however, if you have just bought an iPhone from EE or you are given with an iPhone which is locked to EE then it would be pretty easy for the original owner to get it unlocked from the authorities. If this solution is not working then EE will offer you a 6 months contract with a request that you can get your iPhone unlocked once this contract will be over. Now it is entirely up to you whether you want to spend money for six months on a monthly contract or you want to get rid of this locked iPhone thing and want to enjoy a free iPhone. If you are not in the mood to waste money for the upcoming six months then you should visit and we will solve your problem in few hours.

However EE iPhone unlocking process is not that complex. They require you to keep at least a 21euro credit balance before you request an iPhone official unlock service. If you are a monthly customer then you should call 150 from your iPhone to contact with the iPhone unlocking help support officials at EE. You can also make a call from any other number or iPhone by dialing 07973 100 150. You can always submit your request of iPhone unlocking at these numbers and EE will inform you about the possible expenses of your unlocking service.

How to unlock iPhone from Virgin Mobile UK?

Virgin mobile is another UK based cellular contract providing company that offers contract based locked iPhones to its customers for a specific period of time. If you have got a Virgin Mobile locked iPhone and looking forward to get it unlocked from the provider then you should contact them via phone call as they don’t have any online form available for iPhone unlocking request. The Virgin Mobile official office number is 0345 6000 789 or simply call 789 from your iPhone and get connected to their customer support. We also recommend you to look at Terms & conditions and Tariff page of the Virgin Mobile to see what kind of limitations and restrictions they have for iPhone unlocking. There is nothing to surprise in that because every company has its restrictions and limits set for the contract based iPhones so that customers may not walk away with an easy click.

If you are not successful in getting your iPhone unlock from Virgin mobile then the only option left with you is to visit We offer cheapest iPhone unlocking service in the town with guarantee that we have capacity to do the job for you guys.

What’s next in the line?

Till now, I think we have covered most of the major UK locked iPhone networks and if some are missing you can always find them in our list of networks available in our first guide. So whenever we talk about future we always make predictions but here we are going to make it clear that once you are going to get your official iPhone you will no longer need to get it unlocked again. The process of iPhone factory unlock often revolves around your iPhone’s IMEI number and you are required to connect it to iTunes once your unlock is processed to make sure that you have purchased the right thing. Let’s see what happens when a UK based network unlocks your device?

UK based iPhone network unlock process?

Once you confirm your current cellular network that you need to get your iPhone unlocked and make necessary payments and complete required documentation, your network will forward your request to Apple. Authorities at Apple will review your request and check into their locked devices list to ensure that this device has been processed for unlock. This process may take at least 14 days or more than that as network based unlocking is often delayed and private companies are preferred for unlocks. Once Apple will unlock your device and add it to unlocked device’s list, your network provider will inform you to connect your device to iTunes to make sure that your iPhone is unlocked permanently. Once you will connect your device to iTunes, you will be notified by Apple that your device has been unlocked permanently. If you are not looking forward to wait for 14 days then you should visit as we offer instant iPhone factory unlock services.

How UK iPhone Factory Unlock by works?

Earlier we have discussed how your networks can unlock your device for you and how much time is estimated for your unlock to be processed? Now we are going to enlist how this pioneer iPhone unlocking service works. iPhone factory unlock UK service by this vendor is quite simple and quick one. All you have to do is to check the IMEI number of your device and visit our official website. Once you are into the website, you can enter your iPhone’s IMEI number in required box along with its locked network. This information is very important in order to process your unlock as Apple will whitewash your device’s IMEI number in this regard. Once you will enter these important details, you will be provided with the expected costs of your iPhone unlock. Mostly unlocking amount varies from network to network and you will probably be asked to pay around 20 GBP to 40 GBP depending upon the network of your device.

Once you will make a purchase, you will receive a confirmation email confirming that your unlock is under process and we will also provide you with an estimated time frame in which your iPhone will be permanently unlocked. Normally this process takes no more than 24-48 hours to process an unlock which means it is quite quick and instant as compared to the unlocks offered by UK networks. Once the estimated time is over, you can always connect your device to iTunes and you will receive a notification in iTunes that your iPhone is permanently unlocked. Best thing about this iPhone unlocking UK based firm is that we are offering Money Back guarantee for All UK networks iPhone unlock which means your money is never going to be wasted with this company.

How to check that your iPhone is unlocked?

It is always an easy task to check that whether your iPhone is unlocked from Apple Database or it is still locked? The best way to do it is to insert any other network’s SIM card and see whether there are singles of network and name is being shown at the top of your device or not? If yes, then your iPhone is permanently unlocked but if you are not able to run any other UK network SIM on your device then you should contact the company you have purchased unlock from for further assistance.

This was all about UK iPhone unlocking and we are expecting that you guys will benefit from our detailed guide. We are looking forward to add more informative content to our blog this weekend so stay tuned to get more updates about iOS, latest iPhone apps and everything else that may interest an iPhone user.

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