Why unlock your iPhone?

There can be thousands of reasons for which you may decide to get your iPhone unlocked in first place. You may have got an O2 UK locked iPhone 5s as a gift from your parents and you are no longer comfortable with the O2 network. Another reasons for switching network and getting your iPhone unlocked can be that you are tired of paying monthly contract bills and you are done with the services fo your network. An official iPhone factory unlock service can help you in getting rid of all type of hassles you are having with a locked iPhone 6.

You may want to get your iPhone unlocked because the country you are planning to move is no longer available with your cellular network and you don’t want to spend few hundred dollars on getting another iPhone when you already have one.

iPhone unlocking is also helpful when you plan to cut down your monthly expenses by switching from an expensive network to a cheap Pay As you Go SIM card. Switching from an expensive network to a Pay as you go cheap network can save you up to $300 every month which is certainly a fortune for many people out there.

This guide is basically written to help people in learning how their cellular network locked iPhone is working and how they can get rid of their network by getting official Factory unlock services? Whenever you buy a new iPhone, it is normally locked to a cellular network like O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and others. iPhones are assembled as free iPhones with no restrictions just like humans are born free but once they are assembled, they are adopted by the major cellular networks and then they make certain changes to those iPhones software and hardware that they are no longer able to work with any other SIM Card. This is something annoying for many locked iPhones users as they are bound to use only one cellular service no matter it suits their life style or not.

The last but not least reason to go for iPhone unlocking is that you are frightened of getting the notorious jailbreaking service for your device. Jailbreaking is something that can kill your iPhone within a few weeks and that is why most of the people stay away from this type of practices. An official iPhone factory unlock service provides you with 100% secure and guaranteed iPhone unlocking services that never damages your device in anyway.

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The iPhone unlocking method has now become even hassle free as OfficialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk offers this service right at your desk. No need to wander in the market just for the sake of saving a few dollars on cheap services because now you can get your iPhone unlocked by sitting in front of your laptop. With OfficialiPhoneUnlock it is cheap and simple because now you can get your iPhone factory unlocked just for $40 or less for some networks. We come across several different reviews and feedbacks from the customers and we saw one saying that it often becomes hard for customers to contact the direct cellular network providers and apply for an unlock. They take time, money and in the end you are never sure of whether you are going to get an unlocked device or not. The reason why users prefer getting official iPhone factory unlock services from OfficialiPhoneUnlock is that they are reliable, they can unlock your device within 24-48 hours. What else you are looking for?

Most of the iPhone devices being sold in the market are locked and you will be required to get them unlocked before using with any other network’s SIM card. There is no discrimination of whether you belong to any part of the world or wherever you live, just visit the official iPhone unlocking site and enter your iPhone’s details to process your unlock.

What networks can be unlocked?

OfficialiPhoneUnlock has the capacity to unlock any network in the world. No matter what cellular network you are currently working with, just enter your details and your iPhone will be unlocked in 24-48 hours without any further issues. This company can unlock all UK networks including O2, T-Mobile, Verizon, Three Mobile and lots of other networks.

Got a USA network locked iPhone on your birthday or graduation? No need to worry because now you have access to all USA networks unlocking service. Get Full, 100% secure, guaranteed, Factory unlock, permanent, all networks, all models of iPhone unlocking services at very low rates. Internet is full of scam companies and it becomes often hard for common iPhone users to find a reliable company to get their iPhone unlocked permanently. We have categorized different iPhone unlocking companies and after detailed research, we have come across a company that offers 100% reliable and secure official USA network unlocking services for any model of iPhone. This means no matter what model of iPhone you own or which network of USA your iPhone is locked to, just visit OfficialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk and enjoy quick and 100% guaranteed iPhone unlocking services right at your door step. Let’s see how this process of quick iPhone unlocking works.

Switch and Save $$$:

The main reason why people switch SIM cards is the tariff rate of different companies. If your current cellular services providing company is offering you high cost services then it is quite clear for you to decide right now and shift towards something cheap and valuable. But the problem with locked iPhone users is that they are no longer able to change SIM cards without getting their iPhone unlocked. Now here comes the comparison of whether you should go for a factory unlock service or not? Well it is pretty sure that spending few dollars on a permanent iPhone factory unlock service will return in saving hundreds of dollars every month. In long run you can save thousands of dollars per year by not paying anything for the contract and also saving lots of money on tariff rates. We highly recommend you to go for official iPhone factory unlock services if you are tired of your old service and paying bills of your contract.

Is iPhone unlocking legal and what is proof?

This is the question almost every new iPhone user asks before checking out. Well iPhone unlocking is now 100% legal in most of the countries of the world. In USA, president Barack Hussain Obama has given legal status to iPhone unlocking services declaring that from now onwards, all locked iPhone users have complete right to get their devices unlocked by settling matters with contract providers. In other countries like UK and Canada, iPhone unlocking is about to get legal status but there is nothing wrong if you are going to get your device unlocked from a trusted vendor online. OfficialiPhoneUnlock has processed thousands of brand new iPhone 6 unlocks and none of the customers have reported that their device have been pledged by the contract providers for this act. This means you are open to do whatever you like with your locked device because after all its yours!

Why iPhones are locked after assembling?

iPhones are processed and assembled as free iPhones with no locked stuff. However, these cellular companies have contracts with Apple company and Apple is bound to give them a certain ordered amount of iPhones in locked condition. Once the iPhones are assembled in China, they are taken by the cellular network providers to process their lock method. They take these iPhones into labs and make certain changes to their software and hardware to make them restricted to work with only one SIM card. The network providers lock devices because they offer iPhones on contract bases and only a few dollars are taken as down payment. So, in order to recover their remaining payment, they do not allow their customers to use any other network’s SIM card on their iPhone.

In this article, we are only going to discuss the legal methods of unlocking your iPhone. We are not going to advertise the notorious methods of unlocking your iPhone such as jailbreaking, software unlocking and other scam methods. All these methods are dangerous for your device and that is why we recommend our readers to go for only official and factory unlock services. iTunes based iPhone unlocking is the safest known way to get your device free from restrictions. Most of the software unlocking methods are offered by local vendors to earn money and flee. They do not provide any guarantee of whatever services they provide you and once you pay them, they are gone with no traces. We have seen many customers criticizing online iPhone unlocking services just because they have faced fraud by some scam companies online. The OfficialiPhoneUnlock is a trusted firm that offers 100% guaranteed iPhone factory unlock services to its clients.

Which iPhone models can be unlocked?

The best thing about this unlocking firm is that it offers unlimited number of iPhone unlocking opportunities to its customers. No matter what network your iPhone is locked to or what model your iPhone is, just enter your details and get your iPhone unlocked right away. You can get your iPhone 3, 3g, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6+ unlocked in just 24-48 hours. The unlocking rates vary from network to network and they have nothing to do with the model of your iPhone. Another best thing is that these methods of unlocking iPhone are officially sanctioned ones and there is no need to worry about model of your iPhone. These methods work regardless of what iPhone model you are using. Just bring your device details online, make a purchase and sit back to enjoy some amazing iPhone unlocking services.

Is unlocked iPhone is really cheaper?

Most of the time we come across ads that say that you are going to save $$$ if you are going to get rid of your monthly contract and other locked iPhone restrictions. To see how much this info is true we have conducted a research. According to results, customers who have completed their contracts and switched to SIM only contracts have saved upto 300$ per month which is a huge amount indeed. All the major cellular network providing companies like O2, Vodafone, Verizon and Three Mobile offer SIM only tariffs to their customers which can be used with any iPhone without any need of having a contract. You can check and compare tariffs of different cellular network providing companies at Google and decide which one goes best with your budget.

What is the IMEI number and how you can trace it?

IMEI number is a unique identification number printed at the back of your iPhone. Each iPhone device has its own IMEI number that distinguishes it from the other iPhone devices in the market. In order to get iTunes based iPhone unlocking services, you must check the IMEI number of your device before beginning with the process. You can check IMEI number of your iPhone by following these methods:

  1. Dial *#06# from your iPhone and it will display IMEI number of your iPhone automatically.
  2. Find IMEI number of your device at its back (iPhone 5 and up versions)
  3. Find IMEI number of your iPhone at SIM tray of your iPhone (iPhone 4 and lower versions)
  4. Go to settings>General>About and you will find IMEI number of your device there.
  5. Connect your iPhone to iTunes. Go to information page and find IMEI number of your device listed there.

All these are proven ways to get your IMEI number which is very important when it comes to official iPhone factory unlock services.

Unlocking the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:

It’s been almost 7-8 months since the launch of newest models of iPhone and you can see many companies in the market claiming that they can unlock your brand new iPhone 6 in just 24 hours. However, being pioneers of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus unlocking, OfficialiPhoneUnlock  can proudly say that you can get your iPhone unlocked in just 24-48 hours with 100% Money Back guarantee. Yes, if you unlocking will not be successful, you will have full right to get your refund back without any further questioning. Although iPhone 6 unlocking is priced at a bit higher rates than iPhone 5s but still you can be sure that your iPhone will be unlocked in one way or another.

How to get UK iPhone unlocking services for different networks?

Everything you want to know and master about UK iPhone unlocking from different cellular networks.

Get UK Vodafone unlock now:

If you are a Vodafone UK customers and you are no longer willing to pay high rates for the services being offered in terms of cellular contract then its your time to visit OfficialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk and place your orders. UK Vodafone also allows its customers to get their iPhones unlocked but they require them to stay in the contract for at least 12 months of their contract. This is a huge time and most of you might not have that much patience to wait for a creepy unlock service that takes more than three weeks to process. The best alternative to this situation is that you should OfficialiPhoneUnlock and enter your details including IMEI number of your iPhone, select network as Vodafone UK and proceed with checking the expenses of said unlocking service. This luxury is not available with network unlocking facility as Vodafone never provides you with that much options. Once you have checked the estimated costing price of your iPhone unlocking service, you can proceed with check out process by entering your email in required field. Always remember to enter the correct email address as all your instructions for Vodafone UK iPhone unlock will be sent to that particular address. Once your unlock is processed, you will receive a confirmation email asking you to connect your iPhone with iTunes. Connecting with iTunes will result in quick unlocking confirmation of your iPhone and this way your iPhone locked to Vodafone UK will be unlocked without any tension or worries.

Unlock iPhone from O2 UK:

O2 is a leading cellular services providing company in Uk that offers lots of amazing services to its customers. O2 is alos offering locked iPhone 6 and 6 plus but we are here more concerned about how to get O2 iPhone unlock services. O2 is kind enough to offer its customers a factory unlock service for free but for that you have to complete the given contract period. Before applying for the free O2 iPhone factory unlock service, you must complete the contract period as it is necessary for this. If you are a Pay As you Go O2 customer then you will have to wait for at least 12 months before your application is processed. You can apply for O2 unlocking at O2’s official website or by calling at their toll free number. All requests are processed accordingly after checking status of the customer. O2 normally takes 2 to 3 weeks before you get your unlock processed and if you are not patient enough to wait for the said period of time then we have arranged an alternative for you as well. You can visit the official O2 iPhone factory unlock services page and place your order by completing the online form. OfficialiPhoneUnlock is the only trusted firm in UK that offers 100% guaranteed O2 locked iPhone unlocking services to its customers.

You can place your order by entering IMEI number of your device and then proceed with checkout for further process. This company normally charges around $30 for successful iPhone unlocking and they provide your with 100% Money Back guarantee. This means that you are going to your iPhone unlocked or otherwise they will refund everything back to you without any further questioning.

Unlock iPhone from EE, Orange Mobile and others UK:

Unlocking your iPhone from EE and Orange mobile is not difficult at all as it offers you with great opportunities to unlock your device. However, if you are finding it difficult to apply for a free unlocking then this guide is certainly going to help you. EE is a little bit strict about iPhone unlocking as it does not allow the second users of contract based iPhone to submit an unlocking application. However, if you are an original first customer who is using EE contract for more than 6 months then you can easily apply for this and they will process your unlock accordingly. They often take more than 3-4 weeks and also charge a few dollar fee to process your unlock. However, if this the case and you are not willing to wait for six months as it is a long period, then you can visit OfficialiPhoneUnlock as they are famous for unlocking iPhones from EE and Orange mobile. For them there is no minimum limit of contract or anything else, if you are planning to get your iPhone 6 unlocked then get it done within 24-48 hours without any issues.


Unlock iPhone from Three Mobile UK:

It is quite easy to get your iPhone unlocked from Three Mobile UK but it requires you to be their customer for at least 30 days. If you are not a Three Mobile customer then you will have to get their SIM today and wait for a month before you file a request for unlocking your iPhone. You can call 333 from your Three Mobile SIM card to place requests for iPhone unlocking. If you are a Pay As you Go customer then make sure that you have sufficient balance available in your account before you file a request for unlocking your iPhone from the company.

If you are not patient enough or you don’t have time to wait for the offers being sent by the Three Mobile company then you can visit OfficialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk and place your orders. This company is famous for its quick iPhone unlocking services and it offers a complete money back guarantee to all orders. Once you are going to place orders with this company, they are going to offer you complete money back guarantee along with 100% safe iPhone unlocking within 24-48 hours.

Get an International iPhone unlocked right away:

Not having a UK based locked iPhone but iPhone from some other country? Worry no more because OfficialiPhoneUnlock has access to all networks of the world. No matter what network or country your iPhone is locked to, just visit OfficialiPhoneUnlock and place your orders. You can easily place your orders and get your iPhone unlocked just within 24-48 hours. And best part of this service is that you don’t really have a need to be located in UK for this. You can place your orders by sitting anywhere in the world and receive confirmation of your iPhone unlocking at the same place without paying anything extra. What else could you ever wish for?

Unlock AT&T USA iPhone within 24-48 hours with MONEY BACK guarantee!

Now its time to get your AT&T USA iPhone unlocking service right at your desk. If you are using an AT&T USA network locked iPhone 6 then its time to get your iPhone factory unlocked for forever. Yes, no more tension of paying heavy monthly contract fees and other issues. The process of unlocking your AT&T USA locked iPhone is very simple and straightforward. Just visit the official AT&T USA iPhone unlocking site and enter details of your iPhone including IMEI number, locked network and your email address. By confirming a purchase, you will be able to receive a detailed instruction guide for unlocking your iPhone locked to AT&T USA. Follow the instructions and get your iPhone unlocked within 24-48 hours via iTunes.

The company we are talking about offers iTunes based iPhone unlocking services for any USA based cellular network.

Get AT&T USA iPhone unlocking services:

AT&T is one of the major iPhone contract providers in USA and they are hosting thousands of iPhone contracts right now. There are many customers in USA who are currently using an AT&T locked iPhone and planning to switch to something better and cheaper. AT&T offers its clients an opportunity that they can get their iPhone factory unlocked from the company. However for this purpose, you will have to complete the said period of contract with no red marks on your history and then for your loyality, they will unlock your iPhone for free. But if  you are not looking forward to wait for years to end the contract then we have a quick solution for you. Visit OfficialiPhoneUnlock and enter details of the services you are looking forward to. Enter IMEI number and network on which your  iPhone is locked. Once you are done with this, the next step is to confirm that whether you are going to get the service by making a purchase right now or you need time to think about it and compare rates with other companies? If you are fine with the said rates then you can proceed to checkout and wait for a confirmation email to arrive in your inbox. This company is perfect for AT&T USA unlocking services and that is why we are recommending this company to our readers.

Unlock Verizon USA from the network provider:

Verizon is counted among some major network providers of USA with lots of consumer based services. Verizon is offering locked iPhone 6 and 6 plus since the day these products have been launched and they are also offering free iPhone factory unlock services to the customers who stay loyal to them for a set period of time. If you have just bought an iPhone 6 from Verizon USA and planning to get it unlocked right away from the network provider then its not possible because Verizon USA does not offer quick unlocks to the customers and you have to wait for the right time to apply for this service. But if you are not patient enough to wait for the coming months to complete a set period then we have an alternative for you. Visit OfficialiPhoneUnlock and place your iPhone unlocking order. This company is famous for offering quick and 100% guaranteed iPhone unlocking services to clients in USA. You can get your brand new iPhone 6 in just a few dollars with complete guarantee. This means that no matter when you buy your new iPhone, just visit this site and get your iPhone unlocked without paying anything extra to your network in terms of contract.

Unlock an iPhone from Three Mobile USA:

Three Mobile is one of the leading cellular service providers in the USA with millions of users all over the world. Three Mobile is also offering contract based brand new iPhone 6 and 6 plus to the customers who are willing to stay in a contract for a set period of time. If you have just bought an iPhone 6 from Three Mobile USA and planning to get it unlocked from them then its your mistake because they are not offering any such deals. Three Mobile is very kind to those who stay loyal to their services and contract for a set period of time and that is why Three Mobile offers them free iPhone unlocking opportunities. But if you are a new customer and planning to ditch your contract provider then its not a good idea from the cellular network’s point of view. You will have to wait for months before you are even eligible of applying for free iPhone factory unlock services. however, if you are not patient enough to wait for weeks or months before you file your case then you will have to find a suitable alternative for this problem. We have some amazing iPhone factory unlock services providers in our shortlisted category but we will highly recommend you visiting OfficialiPhoneUnlock as this company is very famous in unlocking brand new iPhones.

Best thing about this company is that they have a huge network and for them unlocking your iPhone from any network’s contract is not a big deal. They know how to handle contract providers and without giving you any kind of tension or pain, this company unlocks your iPhone at lowest possible rates.